Learn the Basics of Online Poker


Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, poker is a game that can be fun and rewarding. However, it can also be extremely difficult to learn. To help you on your way to mastering poker, we’ve put together some tips that should help you get started.

Texas hold’em

Among the many variants of poker, Texas Hold’em is by far the most popular. In fact, it is so popular that you can find it played in almost all online poker sites. You can even play it for cash. It is easy to learn and can be a fun game for beginners.

In Texas Hold’em, players use two private cards, called the hole cards, and five community cards. The players use these cards to make the best five-card hand.

High-low poker

Often played as a split pot game, high-low poker has a different set of rules and distribution of pots than traditional poker. Instead of splitting the pot evenly between two players, the lowest hand shares the pot.

High-low poker is a sub-variant of lowball. It is played in many home games. It’s also a sub-variant of hold’em. It’s a variation on how the pot is distributed, and is used in many home games.

In traditional poker games, the player with the best traditional hand wins the whole pot. In high-low split games, the pot is split between the player with the best traditional hand and the player with the best low hand.


Floating is a tactic used by some players to force opponents to make small forced bets before cards are dealt. Although the concept is not new, it has been popularized by the Spin & Go format, an online tournament format that randomly distributes a prize based on a random number generator.

A c-bet is a bet made by a player that is intended to simulate a dealer’s position in a poker game. While it may not be the most effective bluff, it can be used to make a player rethink his bets.